To My Amaryllis



A little green came peeping through
It filled my heart with glee
Then nothing more for days and days
I wonder, is it me

I gave you water faithfully
Whenever you felt dry
I put you with my other plants
But maybe you are shy

I moved you to a warmer spot
So you would not get cold
I didn’t ask if you would mind
Perhaps I was too bold

Some music just might do the trick
I put some on for you
I played the Beatle’s Rubber Soul
Do you prefer The Who

Today I moved you one more time
To get a little sun
I’ve done my best, it’s up to you
Plant-up and get it done

The Lion’s Tooth


The Lion’s Tooth

Fierce and brave you
Prowl through my yard
Your yellow mane a happy
Harbinger of Spring
Your young toothed leaves harvested
By the old folks next door
And cooked for lunch
A peasant meal now embraced
By health enthusiasts
Have you, dear dandelion,
Long reviled by men
Pushing lawn mowers,
Become the new Kale
Showing up at Farmer’s Markets
And grocery stores?




The Old Woman

Fragile, Natural, Wild (with Magaly) – in the Garden


The Old Woman

they treat you like
a fragile thing
a precious flower
made of glass

they fear you will
shatter to pieces
if they tell
the truth

but you are strong
a woman forged
of broken pieces
fused together

No Satisfaction

A flower was offered to me
but I wanted a garden
A tree was offered to me
but I wanted the forest
A raindrop was offered to me
but I wanted the storm
A moonbeam was offered to me
but I wanted the night
A grain of sand was offered to me
but I wanted the beach
Your love was offered to me
but I wanted your soul


Poets United – Mid-week Motiff – write a poem starting with these words from William Blake’s My Pretty Rose……… “A flower was offered to me”