Trying to Save an Hour

Trying to Save an Hour

I have locked the door
And placed a bowl of lemons there
All the curtains are closed –
Blinds pulled down
I’m burning sage and have
Gathered lucky stones
I rummaged through the junk
Drawer until I found a scraggly
Rabbit’s foot and a pressed
Four-leaf clover
My fingers are crossed
Horseshoes are hung
And stars have been wished upon
There is nothing left for me to do
I’ve done all I can
To safeguard my precious hour
And yet, I know, deep inside,
In the blink of an eye – while I sleep-
It will be gone
And I will pine

My good friend whines about Daylight Savings Time every year – this is for her.

Will also post on Imaginary Garden with Real Toads  – Curtain Falls

3 thoughts on “Trying to Save an Hour

  1. This is soo incredibly beautiful, Candy!💞 I love “My fingers are crossed/Horseshoes are hung/And stars have been wished upon”.. our faith is always aligned with the burning in our hearts. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt.💞

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