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Chocolate Trouble

I didn’t mean to eat
the whole bag – just
one bar, well maybe
just another
They were intended
for witches and pirates
and ghosts who roamed
the dark streets
And now I hear them
stomping up the front
porch steps, giggling
And shushing each
other – too late to turn
off the lights and pretend
I’m not home
My doorbell chimes as
if it is at Westminster
There is no escape and
I smile guiltily as I deposit
boxes of raisins into
outstretched bags and
“It’s better for them” I
mutter to myself

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Capricious Fate

capricious fate how
do you decide who
prospers and who fails

who lives in a mansion
who lives on the streets
capricious fate how

can a mortal change
your mind, shift your will
make fortune shine

on those destitute
suffering, no hope
oh fickle fate, one

moment you guide to safety
one moment look away


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Walking the Dog

our walk is like a symphony
passing through the movements
with our steps keeping time
allegro propels us out the door –
finding our rhythm we glide in the
sway of the scherzo up hill and down
until we turn for home, slowing,
largo, until we reach the final note


written for Real Toads – Play it Again, Toads prompt

A Word with Laurie – Allegro, Eight lines, One Minute!

( I confess, it took me longer than a minute – blush)

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This Poem is a Globe, a Drop, and a Book

This poem is a spinning globe

This poem is a raindrop on a leaf

This poem is a book

This poem spins the world we know

making us all a little dizzy

This poem defines each country

with colors that blur together

as it spins, creating a new world

This poem is a colorful globe

This poem is a raindrop that sits on

a leaf waiting for the sun to embrace it

to lift it into the sky, send it away

and let it fall again in field or forest

This poem is a patient raindrop

This poem is a book of words

trapped between covers until opened

by some lover who sets them free

carries them like a bouquet

and bestows them on friends and strangers

This poem is a bouquet of words

This poem is a globe of many colors

This poem is a traveling raindrop

This poem is a book of flowers


Boomerang Poem form challenge by Hannah

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I took what she had to give –

this old mother covered with a

worn black shawl

The hand that held the

bottle was gnarled

like an ancient tree branch

– a simple potion of bark and ashes

She promised that one sip would

cause love to flow – passion to

burn like fire

I did not sip

I’ll leave future

to fate

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Ode To My Umbrella

You patiently wait just

Hanging about behind

The back door, under a

Car seat, often in the trunk

No fair weather friend, you

Brolly, bumbershoot, umbrella

Red awning with happy white dasies

Often lost, but not forgotten

On call at a moments notice

You open your arms to

Shelter meĀ from disturbances,

cloudbursts, downpours

Parasol, gamp, canopy

Welcome companion in all seasons

Sometimes forgotten, but not lost

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How to Catch a Star

Step outside on a clear summer night

Cast your eyes upward to see the light

Of a million stars in the dark firmament

The gow of lost planets already spent

Close your eyes tightly, breath in, breath out

Empty your mind – earasing all doubt

That those pinpoints of light are too far away

For your small earthbound finger to stretch out to play

With the sparkling wonderful magic in space

Trust your heart, look at me, find your star in my face

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We fell asleep to the lullaby

Of raindrops on canvas

Tree branches painted

Silhouettes for our delight

Frogs and crickets performed

An opus for an audience of two

Delicate, intricate lace webs

Adorned the peaks of our fortress

A clement wind rocked us

To the rhythm of the moon

Nature cast her nighttime spell


(I used a quote from Langston Hughes as my Plus!
“Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain

beat upon your head with silver

liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby”

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Life In My Hand

a firefly caught

I look at him

what have I got

the light is dim

here in the shade

it comes and goes

but in the glade

the sunlight flows

I told him lies

his light still shone

but if he dies

can I atone

returned to lawn

he’s quickly gone