It will be dark soon. The winter Sun,

stretching its weaken rays toward Earth,

will fall once again into the sea.

She sits where the ocean meets the land,

her toes touching the wet sand,

silently waiting for the last gasp of the Sun.


Soul Sounds

Soul Sounds



My soul thrilled to the music of birds

and buzzing bees that lived in the

backyard garden, but this landlocked

soul did not know true music until it

felt the rhythm of ocean moving in the

darkness and heard waves crashing on the beach



Take Me Instead

d’Verse Poets – Meeting the Bar
Victoria has us getting in shape for summer with an Etheree
I’m counting from 1 to 10 and back again


want to
drive to the
ocean with the
throng and the clamor
where the sand burns my feet
so I have to wear sandals
and the sun turns my skin scarlet
so I sit in the shade, covered up
in a shirt and hat, wearing dark glasses
take me instead to the cool green mountains
where a stream trickles over smooth rocks
and birds sing to me from the trees
where I can follow a trail
and search for wildflowers
to weave through my hair
then in the dark
I can count
stars and

Collaboration for Peace – 14

Mish and I are hoping your day is filled with peace and poetry



photo by Mish


Covered in Poems

The world is covered in an ocean of poems
That ride in and out with the current(affairs)
They are a tsunami of emotion

A tidal wave of rebellion
We splash and play in the surf of words
And picnic on beaches of smooth syllables

We wiggle our toes in trickles of rhyme
And bathe ourselves in cool rhythms
We are tugged by the undertow of language

Until we’re drowned in a wave of love letters


(c) Candace Kubinec