summer troiku

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #1845 Troiku Challenge: Summertime

at the seashore
wind of summer through my hair
the shortest night

© Chèvrefeuille

at the seashore
small boy with his orange bucket
builds a new world

wind of summer through my hair
tells tales of the ancients
in a secret language

the shortest night
leaves lovers and dreamers
longing for darkness

Summer Sisters

Summer Sisters – a triolet


They stand across the garden, waving
wearing pretty summer frocks
a little flirty – but behaving
They stand across the garden, waving
blazing sun and storm clouds braving
zinnia, rose, and hollyhocks
They stand across the garden waving
wearing pretty summer frocks

Happy Summer  to all the poets in the Pub!

Summer Love

d’Verse – Tuesday Poetics: Summer Starter

under the summer roses
fallen petals wilt from
tender pink to brittle brown
forgotten as their beauty fades –
will our summer romance

Walt is hosting a summer party at the pub and has given us some super examples of summer poetry, challenging us to take a line, phrase, or word and create something new.
I chose the line “under the summer roses” from “Under The Harvest Moon” by Carl Sandburg

Gaudy Summer

Quadrille 11 – spill
De has us “spilling” things over at dVerse  Poets

Summer has spilled
into spring bringing
with it the flip flops
and sleeveless shirts
that were packed away
last year
Loud, gaudy summer has
taken over – pushing its
way into bright glaring
mornings and humid nights
pushing aside the gentleness
of spring

Dog Days

Master Bedroom Painting by andrew wyeth; Master Bedroom Art Print for sale
Master Bedroom Painting by andrew wyeth

Dog Days

I long for the “dog days” of summer
hot days with nothing to do
when daydreaming
is a valid past time
days of long afternoon naps
and tall glasses of iced tea
that leave a cooling wet ring
on my bare leg
nights that come slowly
as we sit on the porch swing
listening to an improvised
concert by crickets and frogs

Imaginary Garden with Real Toads – Artistic Interpretations with Margaret
d’Verse Poets – OLN # 174 – Bjorn has us thinking about summer

Take Me Instead

d’Verse Poets – Meeting the Bar
Victoria has us getting in shape for summer with an Etheree
I’m counting from 1 to 10 and back again


want to
drive to the
ocean with the
throng and the clamor
where the sand burns my feet
so I have to wear sandals
and the sun turns my skin scarlet
so I sit in the shade, covered up
in a shirt and hat, wearing dark glasses
take me instead to the cool green mountains
where a stream trickles over smooth rocks
and birds sing to me from the trees
where I can follow a trail
and search for wildflowers
to weave through my hair
then in the dark
I can count
stars and