Forgotten Promise

d’Verse Poets Quadrille 10 – breeze

it was a breeze that brought the scent
of summer roses to my room
I closed my eyes and thought of you
and nights we spent along the stream
I felt your kisses on my lips and heard you
whisper words of promised love

28 thoughts on “Forgotten Promise

  1. Oh Lord.. it’s been
    oh God.. but this
    reminds me..
    yes.. 37 years
    ago.. and i can
    still remember the
    smell and name of
    that first perfume
    of my first Love..
    the name was BABE..
    and oh my wife is so
    much more Lovely and
    still looks as young almost
    as that 16 year old girl at 46..
    seriously.. it’s true.. i’ve photos that
    prove that.. hehe.. noW on my blog but
    yes.. anyway.. it’s kinda sad as honestly i
    cannot remember any of the smells
    of my wife’s perfume or names.. but
    oh! i kNow.. i FeeL.. i would NoW
    if she ever leaves..
    or faLLs aWay breeze..
    perhaps.. i’ll now go grab
    a bottle.. spray it all.. over
    mE now.. and bask noW iN
    thE nAMe and SmeLL Now
    oF LovE TrUe..
    oh! thanks so much
    Candy.. this inspireS
    me.. so noW.. mY friEnd..:)


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