Winter’s Grip

D’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #24 -whisper
De of WhimsyGizmo has challenged us to ‘whisper’ out a Quadrille this week

Winter’s Grip
it came in wisp(er)-like
sat in the corner
leaned back, crossed
it’s legs, as if to stay awhile
I covered it with a knitted
afghan but it crept out
from under, crawled
along the floor
gripped my ankles
until Spring knocked on
the door

Forgotten Promise

d’Verse Poets Quadrille 10 – breeze

it was a breeze that brought the scent
of summer roses to my room
I closed my eyes and thought of you
and nights we spent along the stream
I felt your kisses on my lips and heard you
whisper words of promised love

Whisper to Me

tell me about the quiet people
the good deeds gone unnoticed
I’m drowning in political hubris
smothered in bloodshed
tell me about the do-gooders
the selfless, help me shed
this perpetual bombardment
of negativity and hate
jealousy and rage
tell me about kindness
about gentle spirits
help me dig out from under
this pile of sensationalism
so I can see that beauty survives
tell me about the workers,
creators, inventors
I’m torn down by destruction
worn down by erosion
show me the sun and moon
the stars twinkling hope
whisper to me of love