Whisper to Me

tell me about the quiet people
the good deeds gone unnoticed
I’m drowning in political hubris
smothered in bloodshed
tell me about the do-gooders
the selfless, help me shed
this perpetual bombardment
of negativity and hate
jealousy and rage
tell me about kindness
about gentle spirits
help me dig out from under
this pile of sensationalism
so I can see that beauty survives
tell me about the workers,
creators, inventors
I’m torn down by destruction
worn down by erosion
show me the sun and moon
the stars twinkling hope
whisper to me of love

27 thoughts on “Whisper to Me

  1. Yes,sometimes hate and negativity and rage seem to continue to rear their ugly heads. We do need to ignore these things sometime and enjoy looking at the stars…and keeping our hope alive! A powerful poem here.


  2. I think back to that old song/\….bad news on the doorstep, I couldn’t take one more step…..I have times when I can’t deal with the news – s much negativity and hate. So I don’t watch for awhile. I look for good news, good stories on the internet. There are sites out there. I love hearing of someone who helps someone or rescues an animal or buys a bunch of gift cards for ice cream cones to give out to just anybody…..whisper to me of love. Yes indeed.

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  3. Love this!! You had my attention with the very first line. I think the quiet and humble are the ones that keep this world turning.
    Not sure if you are familiar with artists4peace on WordPress but this would be a wonderful poem to submit.

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    1. Thanks so much! I was not familiar with artists4peace. I looked at their blog and decided to send Whisper to Me for consideration. Thanks for the encouragement. 😌


  4. WELL.. i for one will do what you ask..
    there is a little boy.. a disabled boy
    from a nice neighborhood..
    he is Autistic..
    there is A
    he cannot speak..
    his only joy
    is nourishing this
    tree.. He provides hands
    of Love that words can
    not meet.. he breathes
    life into this tree and
    more beautiful it grows..
    until one day college
    educated tree
    this is
    a specimen
    of amazing
    Tree.. they
    study leaves
    and bark bright
    Sadly.. the little
    boy’s heart is weak
    his love is strong
    but flesh
    gives out..
    the little
    boy passes away..
    and what is left is the
    most beautiful tree
    in his small
    where his
    a young man.. strong
    but shy.. is walking down
    a sidewalk shaded by
    this wonder
    a young woman
    weak but brave
    come under
    the tree
    where they speak
    of the beauty
    of the tree..
    and like
    magic a spark of Love
    unites Strong man
    with Brave woman
    anew with Love..
    Tree of Life
    is born..
    of Love..
    The young man becomes
    brave with this strength of Love..
    The young woman supports him..
    no fear.. through military and political
    career.. and then at the height of
    world leadership role..
    this now powerful
    world leader
    helps makes
    a decision and
    is credited for
    saving human
    and earth alike..
    but who is the real savior..
    the tree.. the little disabled boy..
    loving parents of the man and wife..
    all the teachers who bring them lessons
    of life.. and all the friends who support them
    in all aspects of life as
    there is no separation
    when Love
    and sure there was
    darkness along the way
    that inspires the young
    man the same
    as light..
    we are all saviors
    of each other
    when Love
    comes into the
    no man
    is savior
    my Friend


  5. Oh, how I hear you (and echo you) in this sentiment! I love the incantatory and song-like nature of this poem.
    I just had a conversation earlier today with my older son. I was chiding him for being selfish and thoughtless about others and he said: ‘But, Mum, life is much easier for selfish people…’ and I said ‘Yes, but would you want to live in a world populated only by selfish people?’.


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