Flies in Disguise

Flies in Disguise


They dress up like a bee

hovering, zooming

around each tiny flower of

the Lamb’s Ear in my garden.

They seem fierce in their quest

to chase others away.

Some would back away, keep

their distance, but I know

they are just wee flies


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Shifting Vision

Shifting Vision


When he retires

he’ll shed his button down shirt,

shrug off his buttoned up life. 

Stop chasing goals and start 

chasing dreams, shift his vision.

He’ll rock out to his own tunes,

write the future in a song,

hug the life he always imagined.



Mish has us shifting around in the Pub today.


d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #166. “I Like Candy”





I’ve been candied

A hard shell has been poured

over my soft center, protecting it

from constant poking and prodding

Hiding in the creamy sweetness

of my heart is a tiny morsel of

hardness, waiting to defend it from

any who reach too deeply