Star Envy

d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #114 – Poetical Magnetism

Star Envy

I think the moon has a
mag(ic)net that it
throws across the
inky sky. I find myself
drawn outside, looking up,
hoping for a glimpse of
glow, sliver of shine
from this untouchable
lodestone. I envy the stars that
bask In its magnetic nimbus.

A Woeful World

d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #113: Blanket Us

A Woeful World

If I could, I would cover this
World with a warm blanket
to ward off coldness that
has settled around it, to smother
flames of hate that burn and scorch.
I would wrap it around quivering
shoulders, to comfort and
wipe away bitter tears.


d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #111 – What’s That Rustling in the Eaves?
Kim has us doing a little ‘eavesdropping’ in the Pub


The sound of rain dropping
From the eaves takes me back
To a wet summer night
To a wooden cabin and girls,
Giggling from their bunks,
As they eavesdrop on
Their counselor kissing a boy
Behind the building where
No one would ever know

Silly Wherefore Art Thou

d’Veres Poets Pub Quadrille Monday – Lighten up a bit!
Lillian has us looking at the ‘silly’ side of things.

Silly Wherefore Art Thou

What has happened to silly,
that willy-nilly, slightly
frilly state of giggling quite
shrilly until you very nearly
lose your breath?
When words like piccalilli
or vanilli leave us
in a dilly due
to really, really
watery eyes. Oh, how
we need some silly.

Deep Pockets

d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #97 – Filling the Page
De is hosting in the Pub tonight and looking for us to fill our pages in just 44 words.
Play along at

I have deep pockets –
but don’t ask for a loan
or hand-out. My deep pockets
are in my favorite jacket, the
one I wear on walks along
railroad tracks and they are
filled with treasures –
bird feathers, bits of broken glass,
wild flower petals

Aced It

Quadrille #77 – Ace of Poems
De (whimsygizmo) is testing us over at the Pub

Aced It
This poem is a rhyming ace
Has won first place
In a poeming race
A great big smile upon its face
A sassy curtsy performed with grace
It’s no longer commonplace
Claimed a spot in cyberspace
For you – in case
You require an embrace