Flies in Disguise

Flies in Disguise


They dress up like a bee

hovering, zooming

around each tiny flower of

the Lamb’s Ear in my garden.

They seem fierce in their quest

to chase others away.

Some would back away, keep

their distance, but I know

they are just wee flies


Zoom on over to d’Verse Poets Pub for some quadrille poems, if you dare 



4 thoughts on “Flies in Disguise

  1. I looked up lambs ear, as I did not know the name. It is a plant I know it grows in my garden. I love hover flies too in their bee disguise though to me I see them as phoney wasps .
    I love your poem 💜


  2. ‘Flies in disguise’ indeed! I enjoyed your quadrille, hovering like a bee, Candy. It reminded me of the ladybirds that have been appearing on our bedroom windowsill for months. Some are just alive, others not, and I can’t work out where they’re coming from. Maybe they’re asleep and waiting for the sunshine to wake them up.


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