A Curious Deception

A Curious Deception


It’s curious how the moon glides calmly

through the night sky, serenely shining down

on peace and wars alike, when all the while

it is tugging and pulling at this planet earth

silently directing time and tides and

migrating birds and you and me

Why Bother

d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #126 – Come “bother” up a poem

Why Bother

This poem didn’t bother to get
dressed – just stayed in its pjs all day
not bothered by the flapping
of its slippers or the flopping of its
hair-do, hoping no one will bother it
until it doesn’t have to bother
masking its feelings


Lost In Cyberspace Perhaps

d’Verse Poets Pub -Going…Going…Gone Poeming {Quadrille #122}

Lost In Cyberspace Perhaps

where have they all gone, those shots of
flowers and bugs, trips, happy children? I went
to look for them and they had disappeared, snuck
away, without telling me they were going. Have they,
perhaps, found other lost pictures to share my memories with?

I recently lost the photos stored on my computer. Luckily, most of them are
floating in some cloud. 😁

Waiting for Santa

d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #118: In the Inglenook

Waiting for Santa

She fell asleep beside the slowly dying embers
and dreamt of warmer climes, sunny skies.
She only meant to rest a while, hidden in the shadow
of the inglenook, until the clocked chimed midnight
when Santa would return home to grant her Christmas wish.

Silly Wherefore Art Thou

d’Veres Poets Pub Quadrille Monday – Lighten up a bit!
Lillian has us looking at the ‘silly’ side of things.

Silly Wherefore Art Thou

What has happened to silly,
that willy-nilly, slightly
frilly state of giggling quite
shrilly until you very nearly
lose your breath?
When words like piccalilli
or vanilli leave us
in a dilly due
to really, really
watery eyes. Oh, how
we need some silly.

Deep Pockets

d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #97 – Filling the Page
De is hosting in the Pub tonight and looking for us to fill our pages in just 44 words.
Play along at http://deversepoets.com

I have deep pockets –
but don’t ask for a loan
or hand-out. My deep pockets
are in my favorite jacket, the
one I wear on walks along
railroad tracks and they are
filled with treasures –
bird feathers, bits of broken glass,
wild flower petals