The Stars and Me

Victoria has us repeating ourselves over at d’Verse Poets Pub
I’ll Say It Again (and Again and Again)

The Stars and Me

I thought I saw the stars wink at me
As if they knew my secret
I thought I heard the stars whisper
As if they might be gossiping
I thought I felt the stars hopping
As if they could share my joy
I thought I whiffed the scent of stardust
As if the stars were blooming
And so I turned my face up
To the sky and blew the stars
A kiss

A Wire Poem

Love Note
Send me a wire
A tweet
A message

Write it on paper
Or in the sand

Put it in a bottle
For me to find along the shore
Write it in the clouds
Trail it behind a plane

Pound it out on a
Hollow log
Call me

Come knock on my door
Look in my eyes
Tell me you love me

Nov PAD day 5 at Poetic Asides

Forgotten Promise

d’Verse Poets Quadrille 10 – breeze

it was a breeze that brought the scent
of summer roses to my room
I closed my eyes and thought of you
and nights we spent along the stream
I felt your kisses on my lips and heard you
whisper words of promised love