The Stars and Me

Victoria has us repeating ourselves over at d’Verse Poets Pub
I’ll Say It Again (and Again and Again)

The Stars and Me

I thought I saw the stars wink at me
As if they knew my secret
I thought I heard the stars whisper
As if they might be gossiping
I thought I felt the stars hopping
As if they could share my joy
I thought I whiffed the scent of stardust
As if the stars were blooming
And so I turned my face up
To the sky and blew the stars
A kiss

16 thoughts on “The Stars and Me

  1. Hmm. Well I don’t object (hey if you like it and it’s your post then it’s your space), but I don’t like it. I have a strong dislike for all anthroporphism. The whole idea of the stars having some consciousness seems ridiculous to me. I want to shout “forget the stars, talk to the person in fri to come you”


    1. Hmmm ….. I appreciate you thoughts. Try this one

      I turned my face toward the sky
      and gazed, enthralled, at the
      luminous spheres of plasma
      so far away, they seem to twinkle
      I turn to you, so close to me
      hold your hand
      kiss your cheek
      and sigh


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