Moon Burn

Burning Inspiration–dVerse Quadrille # – Victoria has us turning up the heat in the Pub with this prompt


Moon Burn

I love the gentleness of the moon
Softly glowing without intensity
We can gaze at each other
Without protection
No need for moon glasses
Or moon screen
Moonbeams drift
Harmlessly down to kiss my
Up-turned face and there
Is no danger of getting burned



Heart Patches

We’re finding Bits of Inspiration from Amber Rose Tamblyn in the Garden today


your battery acid words fly through
the air burning everyone they touch
like sparks from a forest fire

they land on my unprotected heart
leaving singed holes where
my feelings used to be

I build up walls of insulating
smiles to protect the fragile
core of my soul and wait

until you have burned
yourself to ashes
then I stitch bright patches

of summer sun and bluest sky
to heal the scorched places
and I move on