Biding Time

d’Verse  – Poets Pub

Imaginary Garden  – Tuesday Platform

Quadrille # 12 – rose


Hey bud
isn’t it time you a-rose
sun’s been shinin’ for hours
and you’re still curled,
rolled up tightly
I’m waitin’ for a sign
a little flutter, a waft
of bouquet
this thorny behavior
has me pleadin’
my heart bleedin’
ready for bloomin’ pink

32 thoughts on “Biding Time

  1. Oh my goodness, Candy! This is why we are kindred poetic spirits. We can both be sassy little rosebuds. Wish I had written this….but SO glad you did!! LOVE it.


    1. Hmm .. sassy little rosebuds. I actually wanted a rosebud tattoo when I was in high school. Those were the days when only sailors had them – certainly not middle class high schoolers. Maybe its not too late 😉

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