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Biding Time

d’Verse  – Poets Pub

Imaginary Garden  – Tuesday Platform

Quadrille # 12 – rose


Hey bud
isn’t it time you a-rose
sun’s been shinin’ for hours
and you’re still curled,
rolled up tightly
I’m waitin’ for a sign
a little flutter, a waft
of bouquet
this thorny behavior
has me pleadin’
my heart bleedin’
ready for bloomin’ pink


I am a reader, a writer, and a snapper of photos

32 thoughts on “Biding Time

  1. Oh my goodness, Candy! This is why we are kindred poetic spirits. We can both be sassy little rosebuds. Wish I had written this….but SO glad you did!! LOVE it.


    1. Hmm .. sassy little rosebuds. I actually wanted a rosebud tattoo when I was in high school. Those were the days when only sailors had them – certainly not middle class high schoolers. Maybe its not too late 😉

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