Synthetic Smells

Synthetic Smells

They sell smells boxed and bottled,
ready for noses unused to nature.
Lavender and rose petals packaged
in plastic – manufactured smells
from a laboratory by people in
white coats and hair nets who
work under artificial lights and
breath artificial air. I long to walk
with them in my garden, to share
the warm yellow light of the sun,
and let them brush their hands
across lavender and sage until
they find the smell of peace.

Biding Time

d’Verse  – Poets Pub

Imaginary Garden  – Tuesday Platform

Quadrille # 12 – rose


Hey bud
isn’t it time you a-rose
sun’s been shinin’ for hours
and you’re still curled,
rolled up tightly
I’m waitin’ for a sign
a little flutter, a waft
of bouquet
this thorny behavior
has me pleadin’
my heart bleedin’
ready for bloomin’ pink

Garden Loop

I planted a red rose

Rose with a prickly thorn

Thorn that drew your blood

Blood that reaped your scorn


At B&P Shadorms & Beyond we’re challenged to write a Loop Poem