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full circle

Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu #84 Back in Time
“Carpe Diem full circle”


summer shower
princess gems left behind
droplets on willow


desert oasis
only palm trees cast shadows
relief for camels


silent cruise ship
ocean foams white like snow
rainbow follows


yellow fluttering
in lines above the shrine
prayer flags


word list -summer, princess,willow, oasis, palm tree, camel, cruise ship, snow, rainbow, yellow, shrine, prayer

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Collaboration for Peace – 25

Mish and I hope you hold on to your inner peace this week.


photo by Mish

Lost Peace

Some where buried
under the chaos
of everyday

peace has gotten lost
but I will find it with
my eyes closed

I will hunt by
feeling with the
fingers of my heart

searching among the
stones that were
thrown until I touch

the smooth, comforting
warmth that is my peace

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Night Out

Out of Standard in the Garden
From the Black Mirror
Use the last text you received and turn it into a poem

this is the text I used –
“I’ll pick you up at 8 …. Any ideas?”

Night Out

Any ideas
that come from my muse
are hers alone
I’m stepping out
cutting loose
no comfy chair
or cup of tea,
fuzzy slipper and jammies
oh, no I have
big plans
I’ll pick you up at 8 –
which book store shall
we hang out in?

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Heeding Haiku with Chevrefeuille – Imagination
Dutch painter Piet Mondriaan


The Still Life with Gingerpot ll by Piet Mondriaan

the old woman prays
as she grinds Karashi seed
cracked blue gingerpot

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Gaudy Summer

Quadrille 11 – spill
De has us “spilling” things over at dVerse  Poets

Summer has spilled
into spring bringing
with it the flip flops
and sleeveless shirts
that were packed away
last year
Loud, gaudy summer has
taken over – pushing its
way into bright glaring
mornings and humid nights
pushing aside the gentleness
of spring