Lost In Dreams

At d’Verse Poets, Mish  has us singing our own tune,

Lost In Dreams

I follow the path
laid out for me
eyes wide open
but heart clenched tight
and when the sun goes down
I get lost in dreams

I spend each day
as others see fit
like a mannequin
no thoughts or feelings
and when the sun goes down
I get lost in dreams

I speak in words
that are not mine
opinions muted
until the day ends
and when the sun goes down
I get lost in dreams

I’m lost in dreams of you
lost in dreams of you

d’Verse  Poetics – The Music in You

20 thoughts on “Lost In Dreams

  1. I can feel the sadness and pain relieved by the dreams of night. The repetition of “lost in dreams” works well for song lyrics. A powerful piece as a poem or a song. 🙂


  2. Candy, The image of the mannequin and the muted opinions speak unspoken volumes. Daunting lines that leave your reader with more questions than answers, which is a hallmark of great poetry! I appreciate your talent 🙂


  3. A nearly perfect rendering of the prompt, for sure; as stated, works well for poem or song. It has a ballad vibe for me, female singer; Joan Baez.


  4. love the refrain…and when the sun goes down, I get lost in dreams………
    I’m late to the reading on these but oh how I’m wishing I could hear lots of these sung! 🙂


  5. Funny.. how work..
    CNN.. school..
    and almost
    any other
    cognition activity
    can take uS out of Love..
    Creativity.. and even anxiety..
    and sadness too.. but those
    other pArts i Cherish iN aLL
    thE dArk and liGht theY
    comE noW..
    as trUly
    DArk noW
    can be an even
    greater motivating
    Force for liGht oF aRt..
    a Silver LiNinG.. i suppose..
    when processing Loss..
    oF anY
    tyPe noW..:)


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