Of Souls Lost and Found

d’Verse Poets – Poetics: love the words
Laura has us channelling Dylan Thomas for this Pub challenge

For this Tuesday Poetics I’m asking you to write a poem using at least FOUR of the hyphenated compound words from the above list. Employ as little or as much of Thomas’ other methodologies too as but most of all, let’s love the words!

Of Souls Lost and Found


He walked softly, muffle-toed, through
the back of time. He walked until he
caught the ghost of her thoughts, heaven-circling,
whirling, swirling, out of reach. He walked straight
into yesterday where moon-blown memories
faded and dust-tongued poets stoked the fires of
remorse. He walked on, tide-looped and dizzy. And
when she found him, her bell-voiced lullaby and
tear-culled embrace brought him back to life.

Collaboration for Peace – 34


photo by Mish


Lost and Found

I followed the path
set out for me
meeting the expectations
of others
to goals I’d never set
They said I was going
in the right direction
then through a haze
I glimpsed a bridge
and veered off track
where I found peace


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Lost In Dreams

At d’Verse Poets, Mish  has us singing our own tune,

Lost In Dreams

I follow the path
laid out for me
eyes wide open
but heart clenched tight
and when the sun goes down
I get lost in dreams

I spend each day
as others see fit
like a mannequin
no thoughts or feelings
and when the sun goes down
I get lost in dreams

I speak in words
that are not mine
opinions muted
until the day ends
and when the sun goes down
I get lost in dreams

I’m lost in dreams of you
lost in dreams of you

d’Verse  Poetics – The Music in You