Finding Me

Finding Me


Stand in the moonlight, preferably in bare feet

Release a small cathartic howl

Intone a prayer and send it spinning

Listen for the chattering of the wind

Wait for stillness

Turn your face upward

Feel gentle moonbeam kisses

Stretch your fingers skyward

Trace pictures on the dark cavas of night

Close your eyes

Conjure up my being in your heart

Day 7 at Na/GloPoWriMo

An Ambiguous Connection

Day 3 of April PAD has us writing a connection poem

An Ambiguous Connection


I think there must be a connection

between the Sun and the Moon.

Some hidden connection that pulls

the Sun up and the Moon down.


A thin line of spinning stars

pushing and pulling through

Sunrise to Moonrise.

An invisible line of galactic glory


keeping the Sun and Moon apart.

But every now and then, the stars

drift away, maybe to party,

and the Sun and the Moon


both shine down on me.

Still Waiting

Still Waiting


It was a time of bangles and tambourines –

a time of freedom, when we were seventeen

We danced, barefoot, in a field

amid a jungle of wildflowers and kneeled


beneath a cashmere moon, joining

hearts and voices with the universe, rejoicing


We thought we could punch a hole in the future

and our dreams would be the mending sutures


And now, we still strum our guitars,

waiting for the promised avatar


It Takes Two to Tango

It Takes Two to Tango

She was a walled flower with two left-over feet
No rhythm flowed or surged through her limp veins
Not beat to match her lonely heart moved her hips
But when the moon was full she shed her shoes and
tangoed alone in the lambent glow of night

A Curious Deception

A Curious Deception


It’s curious how the moon glides calmly

through the night sky, serenely shining down

on peace and wars alike, when all the while

it is tugging and pulling at this planet earth

silently directing time and tides and

migrating birds and you and me

How Does the Moon Stay Warm

Weekly Scribblings #57: Let Us Write (together)

How Does the Moon Stay Warm?

Does the moon get cold hanging in the dark sky
with only distant star-filled constellations for company
at night
I could bring him blankets and a pot of tea – no
I shall
find another moon to sit beside him, hug him tightly
secrets from another world, jokes that make him burst into laughter, dance, sing out
love notes