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Star Envy

d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #114 – Poetical Magnetism

Star Envy

I think the moon has a
mag(ic)net that it
throws across the
inky sky. I find myself
drawn outside, looking up,
hoping for a glimpse of
glow, sliver of shine
from this untouchable
lodestone. I envy the stars that
bask In its magnetic nimbus.

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d’Verse Poets Pub – Almost a Triolet

Frank has us flexing our poetic muscles by writing a Triolet

Join the fun at the Pub

I like the hush of twilight
When even birds are still
exiled is sun’s gypsy light
I like the hush of twilight
When day becomes contrite
And moon’s glow overspills
I like the hush of twilight
When even birds are still

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Moon Burn

Burning Inspiration–dVerse Quadrille # – Victoria has us turning up the heat in the Pub with this prompt

Moon Burn

I love the gentleness of the moon
Softly glowing without intensity
We can gaze at each other
Without protection
No need for moon glasses
Or moon screen
Moonbeams drift
Harmlessly down to kiss my
Up-turned face and there
Is no danger of getting burned



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Art Gallery

2017 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 9
Write a “(blank) if (blank)” poem

art gallery

the moon doesn’t mind if the stars shine too
it happily shares the sky
with comet tails and
milky way
with asteroids and
space junk
with psychedelic northern lights
together they create
a midnight masterpiece
waiting for discovery –
if we look up


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d’Verse Poets Pub -Quadrille #41 – spice
Mish is ‘spicing’ things up at the pub today



the dark and empty night would
have no shine without the
moon to light the way
the sky would be a flat
slate overhead without the
clouds to add softness
there would be no spice
if the stars did
not wink down on us

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d’Verse Poets Pub -MTB–The Minute Poem
Frank has us trying out a minute poem and it’s going to take much longer than a minute to accomplish this challenge.


I was having trouble sleeping

Moon came peeping

Caught me crying

Left me sighing


I was having trouble waking

Sun came shaking

On my shoulder

Left me bolder


I was having trouble seeing

Love was fleeing

You came giving

Life worth living


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Day 29 – Poetic Asides PAD – meter

NaPoWriMo Day Twenty-nine – word from a favorite poem
I used the word meteor from a poem, Landscape With Desire by Julia Kasdorf

The moon was (sky)writing love
Poems in the night with a
Glittery pen
Meteors streaking across
The sky trailing
Messages of hope and peace

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d’Verse Poets Pub Quadrille #31 – still


every morning finds you sneaking out
peeking around a star as morning comes
tapping, flapping its arms in (de)light
you leave me moping, hoping to see you
when the sun sets its head upon a cloud
closes its shiny eyes – but
I love you still

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So High

d’Verse Poets Pub -Oldies but Goodies, No Matter the Age
Lillian is hosting and has asked us to choose a popular song from our early years as the inspiration for a poem.

1951 – How High the Moon by Les Paul and Mary Ford

So High
How high the moon seems on
A clear winter night
So high
Even the stars can’t touch it
Shining down on this simple planet
Lighting the way for travelers
And lovers