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My hiking boots were well worn, scuffed and muddy. With each step along the Appalachian Trail I could feel the footsteps of those who had hiked before me.
I had no illusions about my abilities. I would not be a thru-hiker, or a day- hiker, only a few-hours hiker. The section I chose was fairly level but wound through ancient hardwood forests. The air was cooled by the leafy canopy above, perfumed by native plants in the understory. The sun stubbornly pushed its way through the green ceiling. Birds chirped and small animals skittered through the pungent leaf litter on the ground. No other hiker passed by and I walked on in silence, adding my footprints to history.


slanted sunlight
shines through leafy canopy
lace on the trail


Transforming with Nature’s wonders at Real Toads

Kikobun at Carpe Diem

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I Waited

I waited alone in my
room all night long
I twiddled my thumbs
I hummed an old song

I wrote a short story
a sonnet or two,
a limerick, acrostic,
free verse and haiku

I ate a stale cookie
maybe two or three
I went to the kitchen
and brewed up some tea

I tried playing cards
and my favorite board game
but all by myself
they were actually quite lame

I stared out the window
at a dark inky sky
Not even a star
twinkled back in reply

I waited all night
for that soft glowing face
I suppose the old moon
must be lost out in space


Over at d’Verse Meeting the Bar, Victoria is asking “Me, Myself and I …or is it?’
The challenge is to write a poem in the first person

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Sideways (in)to Heaven


the line at the main entrance
was way too long
so she picked up her back pack
and tucked in her wings
to look for another way in
she tapped at a window
but got no response
the line in the back
wasn’t as long but she
didn’t have a backstage pass
she turned the corner
and there she saw a
small door covered
by vines and guarded
by doves
in her pocket she felt
crumbs from her
last blueberry scone
placing them like an offering
on the ground
the doves granted her entrance
and she slipped sideways
into heaven


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Collaboration for Peace – 9

Mish and I are happy to bring you another collaboration



(photo: Candace Kubinec)

We may not see

Scars and bruises

Heartaches hidden deep

Or know the twisted roots

Of troubled minds

Understanding takes time

But we can feel the rain

Of a thousand fears

Streaming down faces

In faraway places

We have never been

We can start here because

Tears are universal

(c) Mish