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Walking the Dog

our walk is like a symphony
passing through the movements
with our steps keeping time
allegro propels us out the door –
finding our rhythm we glide in the
sway of the scherzo up hill and down
until we turn for home, slowing,
largo, until we reach the final note


written for Real Toads – Play it Again, Toads prompt

A Word with Laurie – Allegro, Eight lines, One Minute!

( I confess, it took me longer than a minute – blush)

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Grace, over at d’Verse poets, challenged us to write Jisei, Japanese death poems
These are my attempts (shrug)

outside the window
dove calls to feathered mourners
my eyes slowly close

my journey over
rocky trail to the peak
heaven waits


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pillow haiku


Today at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai were are challenged to write a new haiku inspired by one written by Buson

sleep with “daki kago”!
as with a one-night harlot at Fushimi
exchanging lover’s talks

© Yosa Buson


waking in the dark
clutching a lumpy pillow
no comfort found

© Candace Kubinec

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Heavenly Scent Troiku


heavenly scent of
cherry blossoms linger
after her bath


heavenly scent of
plum blossom wafts past window
on evening breeze

cherry blossoms linger
on the winding pathway home
as daylight fades

after her bath
she smooths her moistened skin
with fragrant herbs

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High School Cool

She wasn’t a cheer
leader or even a
wanna-be on
the Pep Squad but
she never missed a
game and yelled when
the home team scored
like the cool girls
and wore the blue and
silver school colors
like the cool girls
her hair was long
and straight
like the cool girls
and it was years before
she realized she was
cooler than the cool girls