silent man

Over at d’Verse today Mary has asked us to try writing as if we are the opposite gender.
Quite a challenge! Here’s my “Gender Bender”

you think i don’t
notice when you
cut your hair
you think I’m not
listening when you
tell me stories about
your friends
you think i don’t
care when you wear
a new dress or new shoes
i notice
i listen
i care
but my words seem
trivial, insignificant
you deserve better
i stay silent

27 thoughts on “silent man

  1. Oh this is sad really. I am sure she would be happy if he would say some of these things. I am sure she would not think that his words were insignificant. No one’s words are!! Really well expressed!


  2. Well if he stays silent, no one would know, specially her ~ Too bad he feels that his words are trivial and insignificant ~ Well done with the voice of the man ~


  3. That’s too bad he keeps his silence…that’s not going to help anything. But communication seems to be a sticking point with a lot of relationships. I enjoyed this, thanks!


  4. Oh, yes, this kind of silence is always a heavy weight to bear, it makes one wish that he could open up and speak his mind, and heart. A nice take on the prompt!


  5. Words of poetic
    heart often
    in divine
    of female mouths
    More often lost
    but change
    is real when one
    never gives up
    and keeps
    heart as spirit
    more deeply
    as balancing
    Anything is possible
    for never giving up..
    with practice


  6. I think this is so spot-on with how men think. In long-term relationships, you get to a point where it just feels hopeless to try to please/encourage your woman. No matter what you say or do, it’s just wrong. So you kind of give up. There’s a defeat in the silence. 😦


  7. So sad. Sounds like he has said things trying, and been knocked down too often so it’s best just to be silent than get beat up again. Communication really is at the crux of relationships. I don’t see this one lasting too much longer.


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