Out Of Service

d’Verse Poets Pub – Poetics: And the sign said….
Mish is tending bar over at the pub today and she has us seeing signs

I saw a bus one day that had Out Of Service where the next stop header would be. I wondered what it would be like to tell everyone I was ‘out of service’.


Out Of Service

I am an empty bus
no stops to make
no riders to deliver

downtown, uptown
suburbs, the mall
the next destination, my choice

I turn the radio on – loud
nobody complains
open windows and let the wind blow through

no one to smile at, argue with
tell jokes to
no frustrations, complications – no fun

I halt my empty bus
at your stop
will you ride with me

14 thoughts on “Out Of Service

  1. Oh, this makes me want to write a mystery about a phantom bus that picked up riders, and they disappear into the mist, the bus and its riders never seen again. Thanks for that!

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  2. Love making the bus an animate being here……imagine what that bus hears in a day! 🙂 Reset button indeed….we all need that everyone once in a while. The quiet is good to recharge…for a bus and for us too! 🙂


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