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the moon has taken
the whole night off
and the stars have
called in sick
the cow took off
from the ground but found
there was nothing
up there to jump over
the dish and spoon
got lost in the dark
and stumbled their
way back home
the little dog thought it
was all a big joke and
chuckled and laughed
out loud
but the fiddling cat
such a very cool cat
fiddled his way to dawn

Poetic Asides PAD 27 – “take off”

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lost not found

lost not found

one sock
always one sock
missing after a week
of camp
I pack them in pairs
and one always wanders
off on its own looking
for adventure outside
the duffel bag
I’ve seen these daring
socks along the hiking
trails and on the path
to the dining hall looking
haggard and down trodden
left behind when campsites
hold nothing but the detritus
of carefree summer days
destined for the lost and
found box that no one ever
bothers to check
replaced by new pairs
rolled together for safe keeping

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Cordially Invited


photo by Tom Chambers


You are cordially invited
deer, the invitation read,
to a dinner in your honor
so I donned my finest
white dress and brushed
my hair until it shone
cleaned the dirt from
under my fingernails
pinched my cheeks to
give them a blush of color
I brushed up on my table
manners and witty repartee
memorized some famous
poems and read the top
news stories of the day
I arrived promptly at the
appointed hour only to find
there was no spelling error
in that invitation (I had assumed
the “deer”was me)
and I would not be sitting in the
place of honor today

Mag 312

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A Nod to the Bard

The quality of mercy
is not negotiable
you can not barter
for a larger measure
you can not hoard it
like a miser
although you beg
and plead it is given
only from the heart of
the compassionate
unto the meek and humble
hubris will not gain favor
or conceit feel its tender
it can not be bought
or sold and its value
can not be numbered
The quality of mercy
is a gift


It’s all about Shakespear today in the Garden