A Nod to the Bard

The quality of mercy
is not negotiable
you can not barter
for a larger measure
you can not hoard it
like a miser
although you beg
and plead it is given
only from the heart of
the compassionate
unto the meek and humble
hubris will not gain favor
or conceit feel its tender
it can not be bought
or sold and its value
can not be numbered
The quality of mercy
is a gift


It’s all about Shakespear today in the Garden

8 thoughts on “A Nod to the Bard

  1. there is a nice feel to this poem, read almost like an admonition And quite a timely write within Pope Francis’s “Year of Divine Mercy”

    Awesome write Candy

    much love…


  2. Portia’s speech was the first thing of Shakespeare’s I ever learnt off by heart, and funny how well I remember it to this day. When caught in the moment between wanting to get my own back and being merciful, I always remember it. You are right: mercy is a gift.


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