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I have no office
just a comfy chair
and shelves with books
where I can close my eyes
and dream of letters dancing
across a stage, twirling in the
spotlight, doing the tango
together until at last,
exhausted, they fall in a
heap of tangled words
i pick them up and
set them free
I have no office
just a comfy chair
where I can dream

Poetic Asides PAD 18 – write an office poem”

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she spent her life accumulating
bits and pieces that
meant something to her
reminders of friends
family, vacations, pets
shiny trinkets, tacky knick knacks
each one held a memory
and she smiled at the sight of them
now the remains of her life
as being sold at a flea market
destined to become another’s memories


Real Toads  – Day 16 (just 1 day late)

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The sun has no reason
to shine in the day
and sleep through the night

the twinkling stars at night
don’t ask for a reason
to hide from the day

in the fading light of day
I need no reason
to marvel at the sky all night

Bright day and gentle night are reason enough

B&Ps Shadorma & Beyond


Tritina – 10 line poem in 3 tercets and one closing line – choose three end words and follow the pattern , ABC, CAB, BAC, with closing ling containing all three words

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Master List

Master List

they are on the blacklist
not invited to this party
where gaudy zinnias
and lavish glads
show off their best bloom(er)s
sunflowers with their toothy
grins stand proudly in
the back row
black eyed susans wait
patiently in a ring
hoping to be chosen
refreshing water is poured
from a tin vessel
but the ground ivy
is flatly refused entrance
for it is not on the
list written on soggy paper
by the muddy garden master

Can you tell I’ve been planting and weeding in the garden all day?
Poetic Asides PAD 15 – use at least 4 of the words in this list –
flat, ring, lavish, vessel, paper, blacklist, gaudy, tooth