she spent her life accumulating
bits and pieces that
meant something to her
reminders of friends
family, vacations, pets
shiny trinkets, tacky knick knacks
each one held a memory
and she smiled at the sight of them
now the remains of her life
as being sold at a flea market
destined to become another’s memories


Real Toads  – Day 16 (just 1 day late)

3 thoughts on “Remains

  1. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as my grandma (94) is cleaning out her place and moving into assisted living so is really paring down her belongings. All the things we hold on to for a lifetime….those bits and pieces, trinkets and knick knacks that you refer to here…we will just need to pass off on someone else at some point who will eventually just do the same thing 😉

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