In The Dark

sometimes in the dark I see you
the ghost of another lifetime
the plot of a story in rhyme
just a shadow cast in deep blue
a clouded lens, distorted view
a scepter that I cannot name
when morning comes you don’t remain
then once again I feel the loss
and long for calm of night and doss
the dark when you might come again

d”Verse Meeting the Bar – Decima  (I missed out on the link to post this at d’Verse Poets. *shrug*)

14 thoughts on “In The Dark

  1. Oh, those wonderful glimpses of the things/people that have been… and will forever be in our hearts’ memories. I can see this speaker closing her eyes, savoring the moment, wishing for the next vision…

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  2. “sometimes in the dark I see you the ghost of another lifetime.” Wonderful! I have a lot of REM at night and my dreams are special to me. So many things become clear but dissipate with the morning light.

    Great job on the Decima, this might be my favorite one!


  3. So glad to read your wonderful decima, Candy…thanks for linking it for OLN. Seems that sometimes there are certain entities that only show up in the dark. And then we wonder if they are real or a dream…

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