Safe Places

Safe Places


There was a time when parents sent

the children off to school with homework

done and packed lunches. A time when

children rode a bus ,and played in the fresh air,

and teachers taught arithmetic, reading, spelling –

and no one worried, because it was

a safe place.


There was a time when the people gathered

to worship in their best suits and dresses

and the children wriggled in the pews, trying

to stay quiet. A time when preachers preached

and choirs sang and the people prayed – 

and no one worried, because it was

a safe place.


There as a time when families went to the beach,

drive-in movies, walked on the sidewalks, picnicked

in parks, making jokes and sandcastles, and memories –

and no one worried, because they were

safe places


Where can the children learn?

Where can the people worship?

Where can the families gather?


Where have the safe places gone?


  • Candace Kubinec

Just Gone

d’verse Quadrille #26 – ghost
Kim has us ghost busting today at the Poets Pub. I’m afraid mine turned a little maudlin. It’s not based on anything personal, just how my muse chose to write today.
Just Gone

I searched for you
Among the tumbled
Crumbled tombstones

I sat quietly in
Vaulted cathedrals
Watching flickering candles

But you did not appear
Not a wisp or
A touch of cold air

You are nowhere
There is no ghostly you
To fill this void

The Supplicant

In the Imaginary Garden it’s –
Fireblossom Friday : escape to the past
Of the pictures we could choose from for inspiration, this is the one that spoke to me


They taught me to bow my head
To repeat a penitent’s prayer
Lower my eyes
And quiet my voice
Say no thank you
Yes please
Be seen
Not heard
But no one thought
To teach me
How to live

Untitled Placebo

Untitled (Placebo)

Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Will I ever recover
Discover how to get over
your absence
Prevents me from moving
Or staying I’m
Straying into moonbeams
Looking for a shadow
Indigo image
To take your place

Kerry has introduced us to the art of Felix Gonzalez-Torres for our inspiration in the Garden today

In The Dark

sometimes in the dark I see you
the ghost of another lifetime
the plot of a story in rhyme
just a shadow cast in deep blue
a clouded lens, distorted view
a scepter that I cannot name
when morning comes you don’t remain
then once again I feel the loss
and long for calm of night and doss
the dark when you might come again

d”Verse Meeting the Bar – Decima  (I missed out on the link to post this at d’Verse Poets. *shrug*)