Just Gone

d’verse Quadrille #26 – ghost
Kim has us ghost busting today at the Poets Pub. I’m afraid mine turned a little maudlin. It’s not based on anything personal, just how my muse chose to write today.
Just Gone

I searched for you
Among the tumbled
Crumbled tombstones

I sat quietly in
Vaulted cathedrals
Watching flickering candles

But you did not appear
Not a wisp or
A touch of cold air

You are nowhere
There is no ghostly you
To fill this void

27 thoughts on “Just Gone

  1. I really enjoy those internal rhymes (tumbled/Crumbled), Candy, and the image of flickering candles in vaulted cathedrals – haunting in themselves. But how sad and poignant the disappointment of the longed-for ghost not appearing. I’ve been talking to my mum in the hope that she might come back to me for a ghostly visit. Nothing yet.


  2. Your muse was looking to express a sadness that many feel. I agree with Paul that acceptance brings realism, but my daughter does smell my mother’s ghostly presence at times.

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