Waltmarie Poetic Form

Poetic Bloomings – PROMPT #324 – JUST ONE WORD

On the Bench at Night

I sit as still as a human can –
The sun has set and dusk has settled –
I try to match my breath to the gentle breeze–
Small creatures emerge from daylight hiding places –
and my heart sends out a quiet message –
for you

(I changed one word of Walt Whitman’s title, On the Beach at Night, for this prompt)

Here’s another example of the form

Building a Snowman

They waited for the world to turn white –
Rolled balls of snow, bigger and bigger –
Broken twigs from the apple tree for arms, two hands –
He stood, smiling his pebble smile, until the warm sun appeared –
Then slowly disappeared, until only a memory remained –

I may have created a new poetic form!

Waltmarie Poetic Form-
10 line poem, any subject, even numbered lines are 2 syllables and form their own poem when read separately

Night Noises

d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #43 – creak
Night Noises

what is that creaking,
keeping me from sleeping
I’ll not be peeping
from beneath my quilt
it might be creepy spirits
streaking through the air
or some sneaky vampire
seeking out my cheek
a havoc wreaking freak
– mustn’t shriek
mustn’t squeak –



d’Verse Poets Pub -Quadrille #41 – spice
Mish is ‘spicing’ things up at the pub today



the dark and empty night would
have no shine without the
moon to light the way
the sky would be a flat
slate overhead without the
clouds to add softness
there would be no spice
if the stars did
not wink down on us


Weekend Mini-Challenge: Out of Your Own Words
I’m using the line, solitude is my friend, from my poem Simply Me


solitude is my friend
she sits quietly beside me
holding my hand
whispering in my ear
telling me my words matter

solitude is my friend
she nudges my muse
into wakefulness when
morning slips through
the kitchen window

solitude is my friend
she sits quietly beside me
as night steals the light
comforting me with her presence
until sleep taps me on the shoulder

In The Dark

sometimes in the dark I see you
the ghost of another lifetime
the plot of a story in rhyme
just a shadow cast in deep blue
a clouded lens, distorted view
a scepter that I cannot name
when morning comes you don’t remain
then once again I feel the loss
and long for calm of night and doss
the dark when you might come again

d”Verse Meeting the Bar – Decima  (I missed out on the link to post this at d’Verse Poets. *shrug*)


The sun has no reason
to shine in the day
and sleep through the night

the twinkling stars at night
don’t ask for a reason
to hide from the day

in the fading light of day
I need no reason
to marvel at the sky all night

Bright day and gentle night are reason enough

B&Ps Shadorma & Beyond


Tritina – 10 line poem in 3 tercets and one closing line – choose three end words and follow the pattern , ABC, CAB, BAC, with closing ling containing all three words

Night Search

Quadrille #6 – Victoria has asked us to shimmer
d’Verse Poets


in the darkest
night when
light is hidden
by heavy clouds
when mister moon
is absent and fancy
stars don’t shimmer
I reach out – stumble
fumble – searching for
an anchor in this sea
of blackness and
unknown monsters
and I find you

Down Town

d’Verse Poetics

Adventures in Traveling


The midnight train calls out my name
As if a game
Come ride with me
A dreamlike plea

We’ll ride along the night time rails
When day exhales
The city sleeps
Its secrets keep

Bright neon lights eclipse the moon
And streets are strewn
With shiny girls
Sweet music swirls

Dark corners hide the other side
Those cast aside
They tear apart
My beating heart

Let’s ride the train till morning comes
Night’s life succumbs
To men in suits
Women in boots