Down Town

d’Verse Poetics

Adventures in Traveling


The midnight train calls out my name
As if a game
Come ride with me
A dreamlike plea

We’ll ride along the night time rails
When day exhales
The city sleeps
Its secrets keep

Bright neon lights eclipse the moon
And streets are strewn
With shiny girls
Sweet music swirls

Dark corners hide the other side
Those cast aside
They tear apart
My beating heart

Let’s ride the train till morning comes
Night’s life succumbs
To men in suits
Women in boots

26 thoughts on “Down Town

  1. There’s a whole different crowd on those trains in the wee hours. I like how you portray the different aspects of the city at night…the parts we would rather not see and all the shiny people with music swirling.


  2. I haven’t tried the midnight train yet but I can imagine a different crowd from the men in suits and the women in boots ~ For long distance travels though, it would be more of the tourists & travellers ~

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  3. The midnight train…so very different! I truly like the rhyme and rhythm of this poem and how you describe the people and sights. A really real journey and adventure.


  4. Terrific–an adventure round every bend; reminds me of riding the subway/surface cars in Philly late at night; kept me on edge, bathed in alacrity.

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