2017 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 13
Pick a ‘city’ and use it as the title of your poem




you are such a diva
expecting everyone
who sees you to ooo and ahhh
when you appear, unexpectedly,
the proverbial light at the
end of a tunnel
you are caressed by
the arms of three rivers
adorned with yellow
and blue arching tiaras
that sparkle in the darkness
and we adore you

Down Town

d’Verse Poetics

Adventures in Traveling


The midnight train calls out my name
As if a game
Come ride with me
A dreamlike plea

We’ll ride along the night time rails
When day exhales
The city sleeps
Its secrets keep

Bright neon lights eclipse the moon
And streets are strewn
With shiny girls
Sweet music swirls

Dark corners hide the other side
Those cast aside
They tear apart
My beating heart

Let’s ride the train till morning comes
Night’s life succumbs
To men in suits
Women in boots