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Simple Reflection

Micro Poetry in the Garden ~ Uncomplicated Things

Simple Reflection

sitting on the porch swing
powered by just me
the big springs squeaking
in time to the back-and-forth
watching the clouds
powered by just wind
changing from white to
pink to gray as evening fades
into night

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d’Verse Poets Pub -Poetics: Musical Muse
Mish is tending bar at the Pub and humming a little tune for our inspiration
I used “Blowin’ in the Wind’ by Bob Dylan


It was just Blowin’ In The Wind
waiting for someone to notice
just hangin’ out hoping
someone would reach up
grab it, nab it
biding its time, twiddling its
thumbs, wondering why someone
didn’t realize its been here
the whole time
ready to be embraced
longing to be shared
hoping someone will wipe
the hate from their eyes
and find peace

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High Flying Dreamer

d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #38 – Dream

Sweet dreams, De

High Flying Dreamer

I’m dreaming, scheming, seeming
to fly to the edge of the gleaming sun
then fall back to earth,screaming
with joy, hair streaming behind like a sail
inhale, exhale, breath slowly
let it flow, run downhill
until exhausted I rest in the
arms of Orpheus

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Weekend Mini-Challenge: Out of Your Own Words
I’m using the line, solitude is my friend, from my poem Simply Me


solitude is my friend
she sits quietly beside me
holding my hand
whispering in my ear
telling me my words matter

solitude is my friend
she nudges my muse
into wakefulness when
morning slips through
the kitchen window

solitude is my friend
she sits quietly beside me
as night steals the light
comforting me with her presence
until sleep taps me on the shoulder

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d’Verse Poets Pub – Seeking Some Shade Today?



he was a neighbor
and lived alone
had a dog and a job
and an old maroon van
he played guitar
and always waved
his garbage can started
to fill up with empty whiskey bottles
then he no longer had
a dog or a job
he left in an ambulance
and I never knew what
became of him
after five years he knocked
on my backdoor
he and the van
were now much paler shades
of what they had been

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Artistic Interpretations with Margaret – Quilt Me a Poem

We’re doing a little quilting in the Graden



you found me in pieces
worn-out scraps of my former self
scattered and torn
you saw the beauty hidden
in the tattered remnants of my heart
and bit by bit attached each one
to another with fancy stitches
until you had created
a crazy quilt that
covered us both in peace