Listen To Me

B&Ps Shadorma & Beyond at MLMM asks us to write an ABC poem this week

Although I may look
Bewildered or possibly a little
Crazed, maybe a touch
Delusional just because I
Eschew large parties
Form unspoken words
Glare into the sun on cloudy days
Hold onto dreams with both hands
In case they try to fly
Just to feel their warmth
Kindly refrain from judging a
Life you are not living, instead still your
Modulated tone and voice don’t continue
Nattering away
Or speaking just to hear yourself
Please listen to my unformed words
Quiet though they might be they will
Reveal the truest me the
Silliest me the
Tender me the
Urgent beating of my heart and
Vagaries of my rhyme and rhythm these
Words that float upon my sea in
Xebecs made with wooden hulls
Yearning for your ear to hold them
Zealously they whisper love

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