moon dancing

arms outstretched
faces turned upward
moonlight shines
as we laugh
monsters hiding in the dark
shrink and fade away
© cgk 2016

At B&Ps Shadorma and Beyond we’re getting our inspiration from the following poem
by Zeki Majed

Dancing in the Olive Field

With your fragile soul in my arms
We move with the rhythm of our hearts
Side to side, left and right
We both feel love inside
For each other, for the sight
Of the setting sun, for your beautiful eyes
Where I see the reflection of the moon rise
As we are moving with the wind
So gentle, yet the entire world can feel
The passion which we carry when our bare feet
Slide across the land like a summer breeze
With your head on my chest, your hands in mine
We are dancing in the olive field…
With a sinful smile…
The scent of heaven reaches my tears
That travel across my face
Full of sorrow, that leaves
Like the autumn leaves
Waiting to be replaced by spring…
Like the happiness that you bring
When we are dancing in the olive field…
Side to side, left and right
Forever intertwined…with you my darling
As we…are dancing in the olive field…

(c) Zeki Majed, 2015

Left Bereft

At B&Ps Shadorma and Beyond, Bastet has introduced us to the Shadorma Summation – write a poem (about a sad moment in this prompt) with a Shadorma as ending

Left Bereft

once you were gone
part of my history
vanished with you
I’m left behind with
no one who knows me
the way a sister does
no one who loved me from
the moment of
my birth
now I must
carry on alone
to comfort
or make me giggle again
like when we were kids

How to Set a Table

how to set a table ……

a plate to hold what nourishes me
a napkin to catch my mistakes
knife, fork, spoon, because I am grown up
a cup, a glass to fill to the brim
a chair beside mine – for you


Over at B&P Shadorma and Beyond, Bastet has us poeming “how to….”
while thinking about the rules of etiquette. MLMM



The sun has no reason
to shine in the day
and sleep through the night

the twinkling stars at night
don’t ask for a reason
to hide from the day

in the fading light of day
I need no reason
to marvel at the sky all night

Bright day and gentle night are reason enough

B&Ps Shadorma & Beyond


Tritina – 10 line poem in 3 tercets and one closing line – choose three end words and follow the pattern , ABC, CAB, BAC, with closing ling containing all three words

Spring To Do List

order seeds
check the mail
order more seeds
check the mail
get some potting soil
check the mail
set up the grow light
check the mail
find the planting trays
check the mail
thank the mailman
fill the trays with dirt
gently nestle seeds in
cover with light blanket of soil
keep warm
seeds poke through the soil
turn on grow light


We’re making list at B&Ps Shadorma & Beyond – MLMM