Artistic Interpretations with Margaret

Margaret has shared some art exhibited at the NC County Fair in Asheville for our inspiration in the Garden




I wait
for the footfall
that doesnt come
the gentle touch
that used to
calm my fears
I wait for the soft
tones of a voice filled
with love that is
now lost
I wait
and yet
I hope
so I’ll wait on

13 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Oh Candy, I want to stroke that horse and give it an apple or a sugar lump. It reminds me of a sad pony we used to see in a field near to where we used to live. It was out in all weather and, one day, we stopped to give it a pat and it was no longer there. I often wonder what happened to it.
    The lines that really touch my heart are:
    ‘I wait
    for the footfall
    that doesnt come’
    …the soft
    tones of a voice filled
    with love…’


  2. I grew up with the story of Black Beauty – I had a wonderfully illustrated version. It is beautifully written – and one goes through a range of emotions. Horses are lucky if they have a forever home – many come to bad ends – especially in the racing industry… Work horses are gentle souls – they love to work (NYC carriages are an easy, great life for them – but most people don’t realize that. These big animals are made to work – they are not horses that do well idle and they love people. Horses are also meant to be with a herd – I always feel bad for a lone horse – at least a goat or donkey or something should be nearby. Sweet, sad poem.


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