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As The Crow Flies

Fireblossom Friday : Corvid and sit a while.
There are crows in the garden today

As The Crow Flies

The crow looked out
Across the farm and saw
The plume of toxic fumes
That seemed to settle everywhere

The crow drew circles in the sky
And watched the bees and
Butterflies struggle to
Survive without the blooming
Wave of wildflowers

He saw the spill of inky oil
Like Rohrsach blots upon
The coastline where water
Fowl and fish no longer swam

He followed streams of shining cars
To factories and smoking stacks
That filled the air with particles
He could not breath then fell
To earth again as rain that will not
Quench Earth’s thirst
The crow looked down
From a dead tree branch
And sobbed, “Murder!”

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Swing On

NaPoWriMo Day Twenty – vocabulary of a sport or game

Swing On

Let’s take a swing at
This poeming thing maybe
Write a birdie or two (in the bush)
I’ll iron the wrinkles out of my
Sentences if they’re not up to par
Maybe wedge a rhyme in there sometime
Let my muse be the driver until she put(t)s
A hole in (my) one heart and turns it
Green with envy
Let’s take a swing at
This poeming thing
And see if it will take wing like an eagle

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d’Verse Poets Pub -Tuesday Poetics: Wish you were here.
De is tending bar and wants us to send her some postcards


If you do not respond to this mess(age)
we will be forced to cancel our services
All clothing should be picked up, plates
and cups returned to the kitchen and
trash swept out from under the bed

The Mumagement

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Vacation Pics

NaPoWriMo Day Eighteen – Neologism
We’re making up words today

Vacation Pics

I always pack my camera or
At least my phone (same thing)
I’m that person snapping away
While the tour guide drones on
About some obscure moment in
The history of this building or
That person – details I’ll never recall
Instead I’m capturing the beauty –
Architecture of each city
Flora and fauna of every village
And hamlet, the people living their
Everyday, ordinary lives
Storefronts and houses
Reflected in every door,
Outlined in every window I find
Myself, camera in hand- proof
That I was there ’cause
I have taken a ‘doorfie’

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Over // Under // Through –
We’re getting challenged today in the Garden



I didn’t even get through
my explanation of why
I was over (the moon)
about him before he
turned and walked away

I turned too and ran
into you, stumbled over
my words, fumbled
through an apology
then noticed your
kind eyes, smiling face

and knew I was
over him