5 thoughts on “Saint Nicholas

  1. Wonderful! Twas the Night Before Christmas was the first poem I really “got”. It was in a huge book of poetry my Mother owned. She would bring out the book each Christmas Eve and read Twas a Night Before Christmas to us and I grew to love it; so much so that I would take the book out several times during the year and read the poem trying to hold onto the magic and joy of the season.

    It’s still my all time, most loved, favorite poem. I now have my own copy of it, but it is a Golden Book that I was given; not new but second hand and already dog-eared and worn. Today the covers are no longer bound to the pages, and it feels ever so fragile that I dare not turn the pages for now they too are no longer bound to the cover.

    I need to order a new one, but this one will forever hold a special place in my heart and inventory of stuff. It’s the book I shared with my own children who are now fully grown.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! xx


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