Sometimes A Coward

d’Verse Poets -Poetics: Because, Because, Because
Mish has us dancing down the yellow brick road over at the pub

Sometimes A Coward

Sometime, I think, I am just
Like that lion – all puffed up
Making noise – bluffing my way
Through the tough parts of life
Running away or staying silent
Hoping no one will notice me
Or ask for my help when it
Really counts
Sometimes, I think, I am just
Like that lion – cowardly and in
Need of some courage
A cheesy badge from a fake
Wizard won’t do the trick but
If you hold my hand I know I
Can brave even a wicked witch

11 thoughts on “Sometimes A Coward

  1. True A Lion’s Strength Comes from
    A Frequency and Vibration
    of Roar but even
    More A Lion’s
    Strength in
    Comes from
    The Calm
    Grace and
    eYe A Force oF
    Hurricane beFore Winds of
    Jaws Claws Strike For Life..
    True.. i learned this
    from my Feral
    Cat as after
    All is Said/Done Science Suggests
    Feral Cats are Smaller Packages of Lions
    That/Who BasicAlly Master Us As Pets..;)

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