Moving On

d’Verse Poets – The Sounds of Koorogi, Cricket-dVerse Haibun Monday
It’s great to have Victoria tending bar again.

Moving On

I was weeding my flower beds today. A chore that had been neglected much too long. If you need some alone time, I recommend weeding. No one ever wants to help, so you have time to just think, sort things out, make some plans.
Not far from where I was working, a cricket chirped. I smiled – it sounded like a cheery hello.  Another chirp and I moved on. Maybe it was a warning to keep my distance.

woman pulling weeds
short signal to keep moving
a chirping cricket

10 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Weeding, like blue penciling poetry, is hardly ever fun–but oh how wonderful you feel when you’re done & see the results. Odd to come across a solitary cricket–but then poets pick up on minutia.

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