The Bravery of Clouds

Poetic Asides PAD – Day 16 – brave

The Bravery of Clouds

I wish I could be brave
Like the clouds – unafraid
Of change, of seeking new
Horizons – willing
To show their true colors
To share their bad moods,
Their joy, their tears without
Remorse and then move on

Sometimes A Coward

d’Verse Poets -Poetics: Because, Because, Because
Mish has us dancing down the yellow brick road over at the pub

Sometimes A Coward

Sometime, I think, I am just
Like that lion – all puffed up
Making noise – bluffing my way
Through the tough parts of life
Running away or staying silent
Hoping no one will notice me
Or ask for my help when it
Really counts
Sometimes, I think, I am just
Like that lion – cowardly and in
Need of some courage
A cheesy badge from a fake
Wizard won’t do the trick but
If you hold my hand I know I
Can brave even a wicked witch

Ode To A Brave Warrior

It’s Odes, Poems of Praise,  at d’Verse Poets Pub where Frank is tending bar


Ode To A Brave Warrior


there once was a brave warrior
who went boldly into battle
she faced her enemy with
noble determination
accepting each victory with
humble grace and gratitude
she was a kind and loving hero
with a hopeful heart
there once was a brave warrior
who fought with all her being
until the enemy surrounded her
and she moved on to join the
warriors who went before

Time Enough

Time Enough

We stroll through life
thinking we have enough time
to say all the things that
are in our hearts
do all the things that
are in our minds
pray all the prayers that
are in our souls

We rush through days
with our eyes closed
trying to do it all
worrying we aren’t strong
enough or smart enough
or rich enough but
always thinking we have
enough time

Until the day when that one
who was strong and smart
brave and kind is gone
then we know there is never
enough time


We’re writing a Quadrille at d’Verse  Poets where Bjorn is tending bar.
44 words using the word ‘Jar’

if I could, I would
capture your
smile in a jar
to comfort me
on cloudy days
or stormy nights
and when I’m cold or
feeling scared I
would open the lid
ever so slightly
to hear your laugh
and I’d be brave again


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