We’re writing a Quadrille at d’Verse  Poets where Bjorn is tending bar.
44 words using the word ‘Jar’

if I could, I would
capture your
smile in a jar
to comfort me
on cloudy days
or stormy nights
and when I’m cold or
feeling scared I
would open the lid
ever so slightly
to hear your laugh
and I’d be brave again


also posting this on the Tuesday Platform at Real Toads

26 thoughts on “Captured

  1. Oh, this is wonderful! It resonates in my soul. I’m saving it to read again and again.
    Poetry, music, and art. Mediums I wish I had talent in but, don’t. I’ m going to get a bit mushy, but be honest. I wish I had the gift to put into words what I feel. I don’t, but am ever so grateful for you and others like you who can.

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      1. 🙂 I can’t write…good Lord, I can’t even type without leaving out words!

        I’m still trying to find my creative outlet. It’s not writing, piano, poetry, or painting. It may photography…I get that, but as a woman I am held back by fear. Fear of being robbed, raped, and killed. I love night photography, and landscapes. Landscapes that could take me to places far out from the places that man walks…the ocean and the mountains. In a place that I would not be on the top of the Food Chain! It’s a very frightening place. I’ve been there. I don’t like it alone.
        Finding a partner that “gets me” and wants the same thing …well that person has entered my life yet. I hope they enter yours sooner!

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