Well Aged Love

Tuesday Poetics at d’Verse Poets – the sound of love

Well Aged Love

creaking bones
and after dinner burps
soft snuffling beside
me in bed
and even some
midnight flatulence
moans and groans
when getting up
in the morning
whistling (off key)
in the shower
grunting anytime
bending is required
sounds of well
aged love

15 thoughts on “Well Aged Love

  1. sMiLes.. yeah..
    56 can kinda be
    hard on a love of
    dance2.. as the only
    sound i make when i get
    back from doing this noW iN
    mY.. 123rd week in a dance
    hAll of folks around 35 years
    my junior.. is the Sound of Sanford
    and Son as Red Fox stumbles in with
    wife saying only if ‘they’ could ‘hear’ how
    are not now..
    sMILes.. Aging
    as what
    sinGs Free
    and Old wiTh gRAce..
    with not a sound my FriEnd..
    quiet can be the Loudest
    Love oF aLL..
    in non-
    Langauge noW
    as A Dance feat goeS oN..
    funny how some folks cannot
    understand that not all SonGs of Love make Sound..
    or even facial expressions for that matter my FriEnd..
    as Dance
    can be
    the loudest
    Love oF aLL
    totAlly Quiet and iSREAL..
    anyway thanks for yoUr inspiRinG Words..
    as a Dance Tree and LAmp oF liGht moveS oN..:)


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