Time Traveler

d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille 131 – with Brian Miller
the word today is “Juke”

Time Traveler

she has her own Jukebox
an antique with colorful neon lights
she has filled with her favorite 45s
oldies that take her back to dances in the gym
and a boy with slicked back hair
she pushes B5 and dances alone
with her memories


17 thoughts on “Time Traveler

  1. Makes me wonder what B5 is…what is the song that takes her back…Music definitely has that power to put us right back in the moment. It would be cool to have a juke box. Records carry their own distinct imperfect sound that is as much a relic of the time period as the music.

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  2. Your poem tugged at my heartstrings ~~ I danced in my high school gym every morning before classes began with the boy I fell in love with, the father of my four children. Sam Cooke’s You Send Me, our song.

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  3. The first line really drew me in…”she has her own Jukebox”. Love this analogy as I see her pulling out memories of the past. Music has a way of categorizing all that we’ve been through, loved and lost.

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