Silly Wherefore Art Thou

d’Veres Poets Pub Quadrille Monday – Lighten up a bit!
Lillian has us looking at the ‘silly’ side of things.

Silly Wherefore Art Thou

What has happened to silly,
that willy-nilly, slightly
frilly state of giggling quite
shrilly until you very nearly
lose your breath?
When words like piccalilli
or vanilli leave us
in a dilly due
to really, really
watery eyes. Oh, how
we need some silly.

12 thoughts on “Silly Wherefore Art Thou

  1. Yes! Where did it go? Sometimes I feel like I have to keep it hidden inside me for fear of “serious rebuttal” or “somber scowl” to meet it face to face. I laugh a lot in my car. We have to unleash it and let it ride!

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  2. Oh I agree, Candy! Children love silly, and whenever I get together with my sister revert to childhood and are silly together. It could be because we were both teachers and found a bit of silliness helped us to connect with some children. I agree about words like piccalilli.

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