The Wisdom of a Cat

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The Wisdom of a Cat

We can learn much from a cat –
how to gracefully spend a day
without the company of others,
how to calmly avoid the chaos
of our surroundings by finding
a sunny spot, a comfortable
place to watch the cardinals and
blue jays, and goldfinches at the
feeders and the chubby squirrel
that scampers through the grass.
Then, when you get too warm, you
find a little snack, curl up
on your favorite chair, and
purr in contentment.

9 thoughts on “The Wisdom of a Cat

  1. We haven’t had a cat for 5 years now. Your poem makes me want to rush out and get a new cat; what fun, great response to the prompt.


  2. As you know, I am a cat-lover. I love your poem! Mojo is in the garden on her own at the moment, chasing cherry blossom and sunning herself, while Luna is asleep on her own under the bed. Mojo can’t stay away for long, though, without sitting on a lap or a shoulder. Luna only sits on laps at the end of the day. Yes, we can learn much from a cat!

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  3. Such a great response! My husband and I have a cat, but since I live in a care facility and can’t go home now because of COVID-19, I can’t see our cat now. This poem made me miss him even more! I agree 100% that cats can teach us how to cope with loneliness.

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