Learning to Ride

d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #59 – Cycle
Kim is hosting at the Pub and she has our wheels spinning



Learning to Ride

Little legs pumping
Little face pouting
Little hands gripping
Trying to pedal her shiny
Pink three-wheeled bike
Little progress without a
Little help from Dad
Little hill she picks up speed
Big smile
Big giggles – she feels like a
Big girl riding a


15 thoughts on “Learning to Ride

  1. What a gorgeous picture you paint of a little one riding a tricycle-pun! The repetition of ‘Little’ reminds us that it’s no easy feat for a child to ride their first cycle. I smiled at how the ‘Little legs pumping / Little face pouting’ turned to ‘Big giggles’!


  2. Wow you BRinG Back So Many
    Memories of Cycling with this
    the First one and so Many
    More Bikes that becAMe
    mY Life And Then Cars
    And Then
    A Home
    back away from Tools to
    JusT Feet HandS HeART
    SPiRiTSouL True Cycles Re-
    Born FlesH And Blood ReNeW..:)


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